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What Are 5-Day Clubs?

      5-Day Clubs are an outreach opportunity for individuals and churches. As their name implies, these clubs last for five days during a week of summer. Each day of that week, children from the neighborhood or area chosen are invited to a location for 60-90 minutes, where they hear life-changing Bible lessons, encouraging missionary stories, Bible verses and exciting songs. Children will be so excited to spend time learning from our highly trained team of teenage summer missionaries. 

Children 4-12 are welcome to attend, regardless of religious background.

How You Can Help!

      We are always looking for locations to host 5-day clubs. As you examine your neighborhood and community, do you see children in need of hope? You can be a club host. We simply ask that you secure a place for the club to meet (this could be your home, a community center, a church, or even under a tree at a park or apartment complex). 

       When you have chosen a location, call the office to schedule a week. We will then send you a packet of information that will help you to promote your club and be ready when our team arrives. We will send you a team of summer missionaries who will facilitate all aspects of the 5-Day Club

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